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One of the most diverse and exciting musical collaborations is finally ready to hit your speakers on double CD: Tangerine Dream announces the eagerly awaited release of STARMUS ' SONIC UNIVERSE with guest guitarist Brian May.

The result of a very special set at the Starmus Festival in sunny Tenerife, the album immortalizes an unlikely yet heavenly match, as Tangerine Dream join forces on stage with the legendary musician.

May has earned himself a place in rock history with one of the most iconic bands of all times: Queen. Ambient pioneers Tangerine Dream were the first band ever to use Moog sequencer rhythm live on stage and are well known for their highly acclaimed Hollywood film scores. However, the fusion of such different talents is not the only thing making 'Starmus ' Sonic Universe' unique.

The Starmus Festival was held in June 2011 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Juri Gagarin's first spaceflight; it was attended by spacemen Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Alexei Leonow and Jim Lovell amongst others. The first track of the album, 'Supernova', features the real sound of acoustic pressure waves from stars, captured by astrophysicist Prof. Garik Israelian - also founder of the event.

'We did send it to Brian some time prior to the concert, so he had the chance to get an overall feel for this very progressive score' ' comments Edgar Froese ' 'He's not only an exceptional guitarist, but also a very open-minded artist to work with'. The second track on Starmus is May's solo hit Last Horizon: 'We knew that one already' ' says Edgar ' 'so it was easy for Brian to join on guitar'. Brian May is back again at the end of the set for Sally's Garden, a traditional Irish air arranged by Tangerine Dream, and a very special version of We Will Rock You with a coda 'largely improvised by us all on the spot' ' according to May.


CD 1
01. Supernova (Real Star Sounds)
02. Last Horizon
03. Marmontel Riding On A Clef
04. Trauma
05. Nothing And All
06. Nutshell Awakening
07. Shining Ray
08. Beauty Of Magic Antagonism
09. Novice
10. One Night In Space

CD 2
01. Calymba Caly
02. Omniscience
03. Janus Parade
04. Loved By The Sun
05. Fire On The Mountain
06. Darkness Veiling The Night
07. Living In Eternity
08. Bells Of Accra
09. Sally's Garden
10. We Will Rock You (Extended)
11. Tenderness (Russian Song sung by Iris Camaa)

The stars that outshined Tenerife's summer sky that night are now available for you to listen too and enjoy on this double CD. Pre-order Starmus ' Sonic Universe now only through the Tangerine Dream Store at www.tangerinedream-music.com


TD cancels 'Cruise To The Edge' performances.

newsOprettet af Jacob Pertou man, marts 04, 2013 20:01
Due to illness, Tangerine Dream had to cancel their performances at the Cruise To The Edge festival.

Synths don't lie – Tour 2013.

newsOprettet af Jacob Pertou søn, marts 03, 2013 15:53

Syndae Episode 207.

newsOprettet af Jacob Pertou lør, marts 02, 2013 12:03
The newest Syndae podcast features the nominees for the Schallwelle Award. This time all those chosen for national artist and album. Listen to the most favorited musicians of 2012: BatteryDead, Loom, Matzumi, Michael Brückner, Picture Palace music, Sankt Otten, Schiller, Stefan Erbe, Steve Schroyder & Alien Voice.


Zlatko Perica guests on new Paul Lawler album.

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From the album Opus, available now from Bandcamp and later as On Demand CDR on Amazon.

The album features the guitar playing of Zlatko Perica (ex-Tangerine Dream) on two tracks.

I've bought the album, and I think it is a worthwhile investment for Tangerine Dream enthusiasts.

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