Guess the films! - Edgar Froese edition.

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Guess the films! #25-26.

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Win "Thief" on DVD...again!

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Here's a second chance to win Thief on DVD. I have six copies this time. The movie features Tangerine Dream's most famous soundtrack from 1981. Last time I received some remarks that the quiz was too hard. This time you will only need to answer two simple questions.

1. In 1981 Tangerine Dream released two albums. One of them were Thief, the other one was...?

2. What are the names of the musicians on Tangerine Dream's Thief LP?


Region 2 / PAL.
Sound: Stereo 2.0 English.
Subtitles: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish.
Picture: 16:9 / 1:1.85

Send the above solutions to my email address - not in the comment field or forums or such. No double entries, or participants from last time. Make sure you mention your snail mail address, which must be located somewhere in EUROPE. First come, first served! The DVDs will be mailed on the 30th June.

Tangerine Dream "Free Fall" video game.

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Check out this very funny, and highly addictive game, created by Peter "Redziller"!

"This started out as a bit of fun in HTML5 but I'd thought I'd share it...


Collect the level's TD sets & avoid other music (based on a true story). Once you have the set the end of level exit appears then head to the next level 5 levels: Pink, Virgin, OST, Live & East.

Works on most web browsers, except IE which will work on version 9 only."

(as posted on the tadream yahoo group).


Guess the films! XXII-XXIV

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