Made in China.

reviews - bootlegsOprettet af Jacob Pertou tir, marts 08, 2011 18:00

Okay, a factory pressed bootleg is better than a homemade CDR, but I still was ripped off. The compilation album of rarities, Antique Dreams, has now turned into a rarity itself. While TD recycle a lot of tracks on endless compilations, some releases never seem to be re-released. Antique Dreams never made the massive re-issue project Membran was responsible for a few years ago, so I was happy to see it listed on GEMM for only 10 Dollars. But it was too good be true. The listing promised a German pressing, but it is rather a Chinese one.

The CD itself is nice enough, as it is a factory pressed CD. There are no audible sound loss or skipping sounds and the printed surface looks acceptable, although it is based on the original's inner tray cover, which is missing here. 

Even worse, the printed inlays and booklet are HORRIBLE! The onesided prints are pale, blurred, bended (usually seen on Chinese bootlegs, as they are wrapped in plastic envelopes). Worst of all, the front cover is disgraced with some disgusting fontsetting, where the original had a nice lettering in gold. 

The seller could have asked twice or three times the price, and I could still have bought it. So what can we learn from that? Don't buy used stuff on the internet, if you don't get some photographical evidence of the product.

At least I got a full refund, although it doesn't cover the dissapointment.