How to buy Tangerine Dream.

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I thought why not add my ten recommendations on how to buy TD, for newcomers!

1. Force Majeure (1979).
The best example of recorded music - ever! Has to be in every collection.

2. The Virgin Years 1974-1978 (2011).
Simply because TD were best in the 70's. This cheap, but beautifully designed 3 CD set gives 5 classic albums, some 7" edits, edits from the '70-'80 box set, and some radio adverts for Phaedra and Rubycon. A really good start for newcomers!

3. Nebulous Dawn [The Early Years] (2006).
An inexpensive 3 CD set covering all the Pink Years albums. Some great experimental stuff there. If it is too hard to find, I would recommend starting with Atem.

4. Summer In Nagasaki (2007).
Recorded and performed entirely by Edgar Froese at his most inspired. Lots of epic drama, strong melodies and a conclusion which gives me goosebumps every time.

5. Poland (1984).
Two legendary shows in Warsaw, one of them made into a live album, of four suites. Gentle at times, while "Horizon" finishes the set with no mercy, whatsoever.

6. Tournado (1997).
The 90's has to be represented as well. This great live document recorded in Poland, captures the more energetic and upbeat side of TD. Dated? Certainly, but still very good.

7. DM4 (2003).

A clever mash-up of TD samples given new life. This was so much better than what else they did at that time.

8. White Eagle (1982).
Which album from the Schmoelling to pick, besides Poland? Why not Tangram, Logos or Exit? Tough choice, but I've always felt White Eagle had something more. The massive tour de force of "Mojave Plan", and the tearjerking title track.

9. Underwater Sunlight (1986).
Originally I would have included a late 80's album or a soundtrack, but ended up with this excellent pseudo new age album, with a stunning production and compositions. "Song of the Whale Part 1" is a firm favourite of mine.

10. Madcap's Flaming Duty (2007).

This album was widely promoted, so it sold pretty well. However, it really divided the fan base. Some hated it, while others loved it. I think it is gorgeous. Poetry from the 17th century gets new life with some startling arrangements and catchy melodies.

With an average of 3-4 releases per year, obviously not at all that glitters is gold.
I wouldn't recommend the Under Cover album, as TD doesn't do covers very well, in general.
A Cage In Search of a Bird, Zoning and Mota Atma. The sound of Edgar Froese on full throttle autopilot.
Phaedra, Tangram and Hyperborea are all re-recorded. Needless to say, the originals are many times better.

What would your top ten look like?