A new EP paying tribute to Tangerine Dream.

cover versionsOprettet af Jacob Pertou søn, april 10, 2011 14:54

A few days ago I got a tip about Ocean Reef, the new EP from ElectroCelt. I've been interested in TD covers and tributes for quite some time, and this EP came as a very nice surprise.

The long track "Emerald Sand" is a sort of medley between TD's "Green Desert", "Monolight" and "Coldwater Canyon". It oozes of dedication and positive energies, and is pretty much very awesome. The lead guitar is not surprisingly a predominant actor in this piece, and its sound is very Edgar-authentic.

"Massive Attack Stole Our Beer! (Kyoto Mix)" which title indicates that it is based on a true story! When ElectroCelt recorded a session at Peter Gabriel's Real World studio, Massive Attack litterally stole their beer! Stylistically it bears resemblance to some of Johannes Schmoellings' solo work, flavoured with some Japanese sounds, as heard from Yellow Magic Orchestra. Apart from some groovy rhythms and structures, the melody line is particularly infectious.

In "Subzero Limits" the pulse and synth geräusch is similar to "Astral Voyager" from Green Desert, where the crisp guitar sound loans a bit from Jerome Froese's formidable guitartronica album Shiver Me Timbers. The melancholia is not too far away from what certain goth rock bands would deliver.

Grab this wonderful little gem for free at:

This EP is also a taster of the album Strange Elements, which will be released on Bubblectro, later this year.