Life's a glitch.

reviews - 10'sOprettet af Jacob Pertou ons, april 20, 2011 21:50

Received the compilation above, today.

Let's take the positive things first: Impressive booklet, simple cover design with loads of historic images. Bought it for "Vanishing Blue" and the Warsaw In The Sun 12" single, which are nice to have on CD.

The 19 minute excerpt "Live Miles (Albuquerque Concert)" is strangely edited. It starts too abruptly. The whole thing should have been included, and a track from Underwater Sunlight or Tyger could have been excluded.

The Blue Years were actually from 1984-1988, so a few Virgin Years tracks have sneaked in. Despite that historic error, I have no problems about the tracks "Quichotte Part II" or the Sohoman version of "White Eagle".

However, "Bondi Parade" suffers from glitches at 11:17, which once again must be due to a faulty master disc. Why even use cd's as masters in 2011, when you can just use a wav file? I thought about contacting Esoteric for a replacement disc, but don't want the hassle and potential extra costs. After all, it is just another compilation. And TD have released tons of them already. Instead I might press skip when "Bondi Parade" comes on. Or pretend like it is not there.

Sound quality is not an improvement. Too loud, almost undetailed at times, and nothing to write home about.

One thing is sure, I will be more careful before I invest in the Poland and Zeit reissues. As for Sunrise In The Third System, who would need the millionth compilation from the Pink Years (1970-73) anyway?