Poland, 2011 re-issue.

reviews - 80'sOprettet af Jacob Pertou tir, juli 12, 2011 18:53

A classic TD double album re-released in in its entirety is always welcome, but I have one reservation.

Once again, I'm not impressed with what Esoteric do with the sound on their "remasters". This time I'm refering to the Poland re-relase. I have compared it with the CDR I have of one of the previous 2-CD editions of the album. It is not that it is undetailed, loud or has glitches (like Ride On The Ray), but the sound in comparison is rather murky! They would have been better off by simply just copying the original discs. Remastering in itself is not a stamp of quality. And certainly not this time.

However, it is not nearly as loud as the single disc version from 2003, which was the most recent, and common re-release. That is an improvement. And it is complete!

As a physical product it does stand out as something extraordinary. A very well written and well researched essay, archival material and more, does make this, the version to go for, if you won't pay unreasonably high sums on ebay, for the original 2-CD. But the best sound, you will still find on the double LP, and that shouldn't cost you a fortune.

I have the Zeit box on order, and I'm very curious about how they handled the sound that time. Release date is set for July 18.

10/10 for the music, 10/10 for the presentation, 7/10 for the sound quality.