Loom, 200 002.

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Early last year, the powertrio Loom released the 2-CD set Scored, which turned out to be that year's absolutely greatest album experience. That, on the basis of the concert in 2011. In itself, one of the most remarkable concerts this writer ever had the pleasure of bombarding himself senseless to.

Here, on the threshold to late summer, it seems Loom repeats the succes of conquering the first place, for release of the year. Album or EP, who cares?

Four tracks of characteristic epic build-up, constitutes a total of 32 minutes of outstanding achievement in the field of excellence.

The introductory, magnificent specimen ”Rejuvenation” is supposedly Loom's first genuine piece of cooperation. Here, the three creative figments of imagination proves that they collectively think bigger thoughts, than what they individually can master.
The piece takes the turn from Jerome Froese's mellow guitartronica with sixties twang, over Robert Waters' melancholic, finestitched electronica; to Johannes Schmoelling's melodic synthleads, which are sentimental, pent-up and forgiving at the same time. The interplay goes back and forth, to a point where it is impossibly to decipher each contribution from the other.
Some motifs might sound poppy on their own, but out of the total sonic mass, they do not appear as cheap or easy.
”Rejuvenation” is an überfantastic piece of composition, that transgress the quality standards within melodic electronic music, and should rightfully be acknowledged and mentioned in mainstream medias, for its reincarnated pioneer work. Fortunately, the masses can enjoy the track in its entirety, completely free, as a music video on YouTube.

A track that wasn't to hear at previously mentioned concert in 2011 in Eindhoven, is the Schmoelling composition ”A Long Time Ago”, but here in the Budapest version from 2012. Originally released on the splendid, but harmless solo album, Instant City. Here represented with Johannes and Jerome side by side in the climax, like two solists in the limelight of a classicly define progrock concert, ultimo seventies or primo eighties. This combined with a complete, dynamic and crystal clear, jaw-to-the-floor, quality of sound.
Tempo and intensity are built up, and demolished after ideal. All physic mounting up, after the lead pieces, are cleared out, once the track reaches its end.

Third track ”Jet” opens with a riff, with inspiration from David Gilmours About Face. Jerome Froese is clearly the driving force behind this track, and the cooperation isn't as prominent as in the previous two examples. But good it surely is. Erratic tones hang in thick air, and the energy from the nineties are present all over. The guitar menagerie gets an elegant fade out.

One could think the theme from the single-season-series Streethawk is worn out, fatigued and can't bear with further interpressions. In that case, one is wrong. This live version from Budapest 2012 extends the ridiculously simple theme to an epic mastodon, lasting nine minutes. From the intro with improvised guitar and piano, it emancipates, after a couple of staccato strokes on the piano, to the actual theme in a new arrangement. After that comes yet another semi-improvised piece, possibly lifted directly from the series, or invented for the occasion. Schmoelling acts synthesizer hero on an Emerson and Wakeman level – deducting the bad taste – until the track plays a highly energetic finale on the theme. Without any sort audience noise, this 32 minute long release ends on an unheard high level. It is up to the listener to make the loud cheerings and standing ovations. 200 002 is more than worth it.

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