EXCLUSIVE: Manuel Göttsching talks about the Berlin scene and Edgar Froese.

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On the 27th March, legendary composer and guitarist, Manuel Göttsching performed his first ever concert in Denmark. The event took place at Jazzhouse in Copenhagen, and I was extremely privileged to meet him for an exclusive interview.

When you performed a concert in Munich, at the end of January, you had just received the news of Edgar Froese's death. You made a little speech and dedicated a track for him. Can you tell us what you said on that night, and about your relation?

- Of course I knew Tangerine Dream. Nearly from the beginning. Edgar was eight years older than me. We worked in a small studio in Berlin, run by avantgarde composer Thomas Kessler. It was a rehearsal room for us, but also a studio, were the composer worked. We studied a little improvisation. In this studio all those musicians from the time met. There was Tangerine Dream, there was this other, famous band in Berlin, Agitation Free. Very young people, but very famous in Berlin at that time. Later Ash Ra Tempel, where we of course met Klaus Schulze. We had discussions, we met and we talked, and so on. It was an interesting place for Berlin musicians. That was were I saw Tangerine Dream rehearse. I saw them in concerts in 1968 and 1969. Then in 1970, we had our first album (Ash Ra Tempel), we had the same record company. We started playing concerts together. We performed in Berlin. In 1973 we had the first concert in Paris at Théâtre de l'Ouest. Of course, I knew the other musicians. I knew Christoph Franke. He was the former drummer of the Berlin band, Agitation Free. I remember Steve Schroyder, he was our keyboard player on the album Seven Up (1973). I was not a close friend of Edgar, but we met at all those concerts, and we met during all these sessions, at the studio in Cologne, the Cosmic Courrier sessions. I visited him a few times, when he wanted to leave the company Ohr. He asked me about my opinion, and what I thought, and if I wanted to stay with the company. He wanted to quit this company and to go on somewhere else. Later we lost contact...

- The story I told, is that he used a particular piece of metal, when he played experimental songs, when I first saw him in the sixties. It was originally a piece of metal, he used for a Hawaiian steel guitar. He misused it in a way, that he had made it a little rough, and made string sounds. I was really fascinated with it, so I thought, I'd try this as well. And that's the story I told in Munich. It's a reminiscence to Edgar: "thank you very much, good idea!" I played the title "Die Mulde", the first, very quiet part. That was one thing, how to make interesting, creative sounds with normal electric guitar, without any synthesizer, without any effect unit.

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Many thanks to Ilona and Manuel for this unique opportunity!

Manuel Göttsching will headline the Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam on July 30th 2015, performing E2-E4.

Website: www.manuelgoettsching.com