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Not only was this LP the first bootleg I bought, it was also one of my first TD albums. I bought it in August 2003, as I'd just started my education. I listened to some anarchic music with pleasure, but was also disgusted by the cover artwork.

Tangerine Dream was the very first West European rock band to play in GDR. Prior to that, they spent two years with arranging the event. They got the final permission, because they were an instrumental band with no agitating lyrics.

Although it may sound unpolitical, I think within the strong will to perform in the GDR lies a significant political statement.

However, their good will was disgraced by the release of Staatsgrenze West - a bootleg LP made from the record broadcast of the show performed that evening in East Berlin, the 31st January 1980

The cover artwork is simple, but extreme. It's either hardcore, fundamental pro-DDR propaganda or the excact opposite: a criticism of GDR and it's communistic society.
I think it's the ladder. The graphical content is too extreme to be pro-GDR, and as stated on Voices In The Net: "Another part of the broadcast was picked up by bootleggers in West Berlin and released as Staatsgrenze West".

Nevertheless, someone is responsible of attaching an ugly political observation to Tangerine Dream's good name and reputation.

The front cover:

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Pretty self-explanatory front-cover. The building of a wall, which is ether the Berlin Wall, or a symbol on it.

The record label:

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The record which comes in three different colours (mine is a flourescent pink/orange) had the same label on both sides. The inner groove matrix texts "TD-1" and "TD-2" indicates which side is which.
Two of the people featured on the label is Khrushchev and Ulbricht, from a meeting in 1960.
Nikita Khrushchev was the the president of Russia from 1958 to 1964.
Walter Ulbricht was the East German leader at the time of the photography.

The back cover:

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Recording & Mixing: Berliner Rundfunk - FM Radio
Anti-fascistic greetings to the Cental Commitee of SED + Erich & the Boys
VEB Records Quitzow VEB 08/15

SED is an abbreviation for "Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands", the Socialist Unity Party of Germany.
"Erich " is the then premier minister of GDR, Erich Honecker.

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Side 1: Uninteresting 'Planerfüllung'
Side 2: Anti-fascistic protection wall

'Planerfüllung' was the achievement of 'Plansoll'. In GDR, plan economy was on the agenda, and carefully thought out. Strange the word 'Lustlose' is used in this context.
'Antifaschistischer Schutzwall' is also a different, perhaps more official, name for the Berlin Wall.

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This sound recording is only available in Intershops in return of free convertable currency, otherwise, please immediately inform the Ministry of State Security, Unter den Linden 13, 1 Berlin - Capitol of GDR.

The below photo makes my stomach turn. It pictures the death of a person trying to escape the communistic regime. What the demented persons, responsible for this LP, wants to say, I do not care. The assault on Tangerine Dream is inexcusable.

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