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Today is the day before the Tangerine Dream gig in London, and on Sunday they will perform a gig in Edinburgh, as well.
Planning this weekend has taken several months, I saved as much up as could along the way to buy tickets for concerts, trains and planes, booking hotels and plan how to find the locations in the huge cities of London Edinburgh.
Three days ago I felt really prepared, after managing to buy a flight to London after my travel agency, Europas, went bankrupt a few months ago. I could rearrange the weekend, and got the friday off from my work, and hoped I could win the TDOC contest in order to meet Tangerine Dream. I was confident enough as I could get a hotel very close to the venue, instead of the first booked. The Travel Guarantee Foundation still owed me 1775DKK (185 £), but I hoped to get the money in time for the weekend.
I booked a cheap flight with Sterling (ca. 70 £), and everyting was settled... until Sterling went bankrupt, literally overnight on the 29th October.
Not only were more money lost - but this time for good, as the Travel Guarantee Foundation only covers 'combined' travels - but a new ticket was up to 3-4 times expensive, when I could finally access the site where to buy tickets... in the morning the system was melt down, due to heavy traffic from disillusioned Sterling travellers.
I was bitter and exhausted, and did not see any sense in posting more money into this (doomed) project. Non-refundable plane tickets to Edinburgh and back to Copenhagen was more good money out of the window.
My part time job, with a monthly wage did not allow me buying a ticket to a fourth of my income, but nevertheless I took the decision.
In the heat of the moment I offered my concert tickets for free, and was told by our German friend Andreas, I should think twice. A wise move.
Fortunately my great friend Cantosis stood in and replaced my ticket for Edinburgh. I'm extremely grateful for that.
Not without the friendly TD fans, an emergency plan was arranged on the official forum - converting the free raffle to tickets at a few pounds instead, and BillyTheFish invited me to stay with him during the two days.
I desperately wanted to go, and agreed on BTF's offer, and skipped the 120£ hotel in London, but said no thanks to people collecting money, as I could see a way out without that. Yes, I will be very poor for the rest of the year - but still memories lingers on longer than money.

I now sit at the Copenhagen central station, after travelling three hours on train from Southern Jutland, soon making my move to the airport (to wait some more). I have got some currency, and feels the the resurrected butterflies in my stomach again.
Within 33 hours TD hits the stage - it will be my ninth time, and in Edinburgh the tenth time I've seen TD live, since the legendary SBE concert in June 2005 - I wouldn't be without this "anniversary"!

An extended "THANK YOU" can be said to my friends of TD, who I met on several occasions throughout the last 3½ years. Without you I would be at home crying in my beer!

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