Loops and lights - Hamburg 1997

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Loops and lights
Performance on native soil: Tangerine Dream

No one is a prophet in his own country anymore: Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream have success on the infamous New-Age-Charts and with their soundtracks in America, but in this country their albums are like glued to the shelves. Froese doesn't grumble about that - after a longer time he returns to Germany for a concert.
The Hamburg Musikhalle is well full of quietly sitting gentlemen in their forties, as well as a few ladies. Behind a black curtain plays the unmistakable sound of Tangerine Dream. Edgar Froese and his son Jerome on the keyboards (programming) flanked by guitarist Zlatko Perica and percussionist Emil Hachfeld, who revealed themselves as dramatic stage figures that night. The apparatus glows like New York by night. Untill the intermission, and to 60 minutes of Electronic-Rock-Symphony with themes from the 70ies albums, green and violet light cones slip by like ghosts or stand solemnly in the dark blue room.
"The only important thing about music is that it comes from silence. Silence is the greatest!" explains Froese before the concert. The opening of the second round: Violent and (magnificent) solo on the electronic drum set. A film begins. Over the Grand Canyon and ocean waves, we fly into space, where an enormous, whirling alarm clock shows the time - the "Video Dream Mix" from the new album "Goblin's Club".
Melodically pronounced, but the dynamics are not as good as Bruckner's - too little silence. On the other hand, the chord punches have pathos and the crispy loops have drive. As an encore: "Purple Haze"

From the German magazine, Rolling Stone, June 1997.
Many thanks to Andy for supplying the original article, which can be found on his blog.
Many thanks to Kent Eskildsen for the photos from the concert in Hamburg Musikhalle, 15th April 1997.

An excerpt from the show: