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Avery Fisher Hall, New York

The German synthesizer wizards teamed with the Laserium light show for this outing but it wasn’t as grand a display as had been anticipated.

The light show, while three-dimensional, was merely rear-projected, rather than thrown via crystal globe into the audience. Consequently, the action was confined to the stage and excitement was lessened.

The audience appreciated the group’s musical efforts, however, and occasionally the lights moved in patterns as powerful as the music produced by synthesizers, piano and guitar.

The group offered some recognizable melodies from past LPs such as “Phaedra,” “Ricochet” and the current “Stratosfear” in the course of a nearly two-hour concert, including intermission. Two huge computerized synthesizers dominated the stage, blazing with twinkling red lights and dancing dials, manned by Christoph Franke and Peter Baumann. Founder Edgar Froese played a smaller console and moved to piano and guitar now and then.

Froese’s guitar and piano work are effective and help relieve the electronic detachment that makes the group’s concert appearances sometimes difficult to withstand for long periods. Although it attempts to play LP cuts, the hit reputation in concert is based on its improvisational ability rather than a note by note rendering of the seven cuts performed.

Tangerine Dream creates cosmic music for cosmically inclined audiences, a growing market these days. - DICK NUSSER

Billboard Magazine 30th april 1977 - v. 89, no. 17, page 42.

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