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Dick could hear music from around a corner. Electronic, but ethereal. The sound smoothed its way around the garden and seemed to gather in the pools of light created by the beams of sunshine radiating through the trees.
Tangerine Dream.
Dick followed the music.
The drifting melody of Logos (Part One) suited his current mood. Life seemed a little more golden, warm and comforting. Almost unnoticed in the last forty-eight hours, Dick had begun to appreciate life for what it was; the chance to enjoy the world as it was meant to be.

From In A Moment...: Book One of the Ley of the Land.
by Russell K. Lewis, page 160

He was sitting on the window ledge, feet dangling over the edge, a Blue in hand. Tangerine Dream ebbed in the background, Underwater Sunlight, or Thief. Whichever it was, it lulled him. He didn't hear the footsteps come into the apartment, and wouldn't have if the music didn't break for the next song.

From Goliath
by Van Pornaras, page 12.

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