Talent In Action '86

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Beacon Theatre, New York
Tickets: $20

SHORTLY AFTER the veteran German keyboard clan played this concert, the second to last date on its first American tour in 10 years, it was announced that Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre will be converted to a dance club in the fall. The new proprietors should consider hiring Tangerine Dream’s special effects crew–the group’s visuals would do any dance floor proud.
For that matter, any film producer (short of George Lucas) might benefit from copying the wide array of effects the Dream employed: everything from simple mirror balls and staged fog to the imaginative use of lasers. Even the Cape Canaveral-esque banks of keyboards that sat before Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, and the band’s newest member, Paul Haslinger, had the aura of a well-crafted sci-fi film.
It is appropriate that the group uses this Hollywood-style bag of tracks. Long before Jan Hammer embellished television’s “Miami Vice” with synthesizers, Tangerine Dream had perfected the craft of adding electrosound to image in movie soundtracks like “Sorcerer,” “Thief,” and “Risky Business.”
A steady stream of customers buying group-related merchandise–as well as appreciative response to the band’s cleanly performed music–proved that a decade’s absence has not diminished the loyalty of the group’s audience.
The show hit the devotee’s mark. But despite its professional presentation, a lack of contrast in rhythm, key, and texture made this night the Dream a sleepy affair for the uninitiated.

Billboard Magazine 23rd August 1986 - v. 98, no. 34, pages 42-43.

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