Happy Birthday, Edgar Froese!

newsOprettet af Jacob Pertou lør, juni 06, 2009 14:02
Today it's the Maestro's 65th birthday, and there's no excuse not to have a little party to celebrate the genius, and the wonderful music we've been treated with during the last 40+ years!

Recommended listening today:

· First and foremost, check out Chris Newman's Edgar Froese special on the TDFZ podcast. It includes excellent music inspired by Tangerine Dream, as well as a brilliant cover version of White Eagle from the Copenhagen-based electronica artist, DITHMAR.
It all comes in one, long mix.

· Tangerine Tree Volume 24: Laguna Hills Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, 6th June 1986. Not only a stunning recording of a great show from 1986, it was as the title indicates also recorded on Edgar's 42nd Birthday.

· Solo 1974-1979 as it gives the best insight in Edgar's solo recordings from the seventies, as well as a few nice remixes.

· Force Majeure - It was the album that cemented Tangerine Dream's influence on my life, and many others, as well.

Have a nice day Edgar, I look forward to another 65 years of excellent music. The concerts in Northeim, Berlin and London can't come soon enough!

Best regards from a loyal Danish fan,

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