The Dussmann Gig on RadioEins - revisited

reviews - bootlegsOprettet af Jacob Pertou tor, juli 16, 2009 08:10
Yesterday, I stayed up very late to record the live stream of Tangerine Dream's performance in Berlin's Dussmann Kulturkaufhaus, from the 30th of May - as presented by Olaf Zimmerman in his Elektro Beats show on RadioEins.
The sound quality is indeed improper, but all in all a very good showcase of TD's tracks shines through this recording. Basically it's the same tracks, in the same sequence, as featured on the London Eye Concert 2008, but worth owning after all, so here I give my little review on the tracks.


Probably the best version ever, with additions from saxophone and guitar. The saxophone nicely emphasises the strong melodic character, and the guitar adds a more aggressive side. Linda and Bernard's 'beauty and the beast' interaction gives that night's performance an extra touch.

Serpent Magique
Now it's time for Iris to let go on the percussion. Bernard strums along discretely, but all in all, this version doesn't deviate much from previous live performances.

Terra Coda
This psychedelic piece from Tangram 2008 works as a bridge to the next track.

No Man's Land 2008
Despite being slightly ruined by the odd overdubs onto the original piece, this remains a cheerful tune - especially in a live setting.

Sally's Garden
A beautiful, if somewhat cheesy, take on an Irish traditional. This is Linda's solo spot of the show, as the rest of TD's contribution is mostly a subtle piano and string arrangement. I quite like it.

Hyperborea 2008 Part 2
Probably the only track from Hyperborea 2008 that really works. I'd say it's been amongst the highlights of the shows, it has been featured in. I love how TD has stripped down the arrangement of this track, to make it sound more 'live'. And Bernard Beibl's emotional, and extremely beautiful lead guitar solo raise this composition to another level. Already a classic.

Sphinx Lightning 2008 Part 1
A very 90's synth solo leads into the mammoth piece of the show. The characteristic bell sound enters, and we listen to a new version of a muscular sequencer performance from the 80's. I particularly like the point where a single sequencer stands alone, highlighting how every detail is just perfect in this track.

Carmel Calif

A track that has always worked better live, than in the studio. Iris pounds on the drums with her feminine grace. Thorsten plays a jazzy synth, and exchanges solos with Bernard Beibl. Edgar sits comfortably behind the keys, letting the younger forces shine on, in this brilliant highlight of the show.

A gutsy, hard rocking, sequencer meets Joe Satriani style composition. Always a most welcome track in the set list. Bernard Beibl and the rest of the band never ceases to impress me.

La Liberation (outro)
As this track wasn't featured on the most recent live album, it's a bit of a shame it wasn't allowed air-time for more than 20 seconds. This one is really a good show ender.

Only an hour long, yet still an energetic and fine concert, which encapsulates what TD's best at, at the moment. Those who attended this free show were very lucky indeed.
Hopefully we'll see an official release someday!

9/10 for the performance.
6/10 for sound quality.

Edit 18-07-09:
In the meantime Peter has treated us with a very fine 'satellite' recording on the TD forum, many thanks goes to him!