Happy Birthday, Bianca!

newsOprettet af Jacob Pertou lør, juli 18, 2009 15:54

It's excactly a year ago Tangerine Dream played the Night Of The Progs III festival on the Loreley mountain, near the river Rhine. After the sunset, and as a first encore, Edgar dedicated the track Modesty And Greed to his wife, "Happy Birthday, Bianca, this one is for you", and then performed a very good guitar solo on top of the classic sequencer arrangement.

The fans of TD know Bianca as very friendly and approachable lady, very interested in communicating with the fans, before and after the shows. I was actually very surprised that she asked if I liked the London Eye Concert, and even recognizes me as "The Only TD fan from Denmark", after I introduced myself that way after the Tempodrom concert back in 2006. :-)

Bianca was also responsible for the lyrical adaptions to all the Divine Comedy releases, as well as Madcap's Flaming Duty. Her colourful, characteristic cubistic art has also adorned the Divine Comedy releases. I had the pleasure of watching those paintings before the Paradiso gigs in Brandenburg, back in 2005.

Enjoy the day Bianca, I really think you make Tangerine Dream proud!