Old kid on the blogs?

linksOprettet af Jacob Pertou søn, oktober 04, 2009 18:49

My older sister Maria pointed me in the direction of Bloglovin.com - a site that administrates and gives a quick overview of the blogs you like to read.

In a short time it has changed my internet habits quite drastically, as I don't have to visit each blog ever so often - and mostly in vain - to stay updated.

Contrary to Google Reader or other RSS readers, it has the advantage of having a nice interface similar to Twitter's layout, when following other profiles.
In the Accounts > Settings function you can also choose to be updated via email - either once a day, covering all the blogs you subscribe to, or one each time one of the blogs you subscribe to gets updated.
In the email, you receive the specific url(s) to the respective post(s).

It also allows you to stay updated with MySpace blogs and Twitter updates, which is handy, in case you don't want a profile there.

I tested Jacob's Tangerine Dream Blog on Bloglovin', and it works better than subscribing directly through this site, as it contains a specific url to the refered article. However, the message arrives approximately a half hour later in the inbox, than it's actually posted. I guess that isn't so bad, as I would've had the time to correct typos and grammar errors!