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The one and only single by The Ones. Click on the images to see it full size.

In 1965 Edgar Froese formed a band called The Ones, whose musical adventures in and around Berlin reflected Froese’s interest in soul music and the Rolling Stones. They had a conventional line-up of organ, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and a vocalist. Edgar played lead guitar: "I can't sing, that's my problem".
But The Ones, initially at least, were purely a covers band, and the former art student's chief creative outlet during this period came from his fascination with the works of Pablo Picasso and, in particular, Salvador Dali. Froese was studying with one of Dali's pupils, and as a result was invited to Cadaques, an artistic resort near Barcelona. It was here, while playing a season with The Ones, that Edgar met Dali, who had a profound effect on the way that the guitarist approached music.
"This was the biggest change I ever had in music," said Edgar. "By seeing the way he was working, talking and thinking, I found that EVERYTHING was possible. I thought I would do the same as he did in painting, in music."

The Ones: Edgar Froese's first group in Salvador Dali's garden in Port Lligat, Spain, in 1966.

In 1967 The Ones were invited to Dali's villa, where they mixed with various figures from the London and Paris underground scenes and featured in a series of private concerts that incorporated music, literature and painting.
But they also played more traditional venues, touring Spain and France, where they appeared at Johnny Hallyday’s nightclub in Paris as well as a venue called the Locomotive (near the Moulin Rouge), where they covered the likes of 'ln The Midnight Hour' and other American soul and pop staples.
That dichotomy between the traditional pop scene and the burgeoning counterculture was reflected in The Ones' only single, which was released by the German Star Club label in June 1967.
In boldfaced types on the 7" record cover, "Music For Hippies" was ever present, and it looked like a record label wanting to pigeonhole Edgar’s music from the very beginning.
The lyrical approach was also in the right Zeitgeist - a salute to the sexual emancipation together with the blisses of marijuana and its positive drawbacks.
The single has long ago reproduced itself within the circles of bootleg collecting pen pals, and it was released officially in 2006 on 'Nebulous Dawn' on CD for the first time.
Edgar's already characteristic lead guitar sound, didn't utter itself into long dreary tasks, but croaked irregularly, to great amusement.
The singer and the rhythm section was the most competent within this line-up, and the sound of The Ones leads towards bands like Vanilla Fudge, Iron Butterfly and the first record by Deep Purple – despite the soul influence.

'Lady Greengrass' failed to elevate The Ones to the status of Summer of '67 lysergic legends, but it was a sign of things to come - as was Froese's commission in July to compose the music to accompany the unveiling of Dali's sculpture of Christ. By the time Edgar returned to Berlin at the end of the summer, The Ones had fallen apart, and he began the search for more sympathetic musicians. It was at this juncture that he assembled the embryonic Tangerine Dream - a name whose inspiration has provoked furious debate over the years. The most widely-held belief seems to be that 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' provided the impetus, although the lyrical reference in that particular song is to 'tangerine trees' rather than 'tangerine dream'. Equally, it could have come from the lyrics to 'Lady Greengrass' ("She lifts her dress and floats to dreamland...the trees turn tangerine"). And, just to complicate matters further, there was also an album by English psychedelic pop band Kaleidoscope called Tangerine Dream, which was issued in late 1967 - just as Froese's band were coming together.

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