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newsOprettet af Jacob Pertou fre, marts 19, 2010 16:40

They finally arrived! Was it worth the wait? Absolutely!

I don’t mind waiting a long time for great stuff. Quality takes time, and there is nothing I like less than a TD album showing signs of being rushed, and containing stupid errors. We have already had enough of them.

In many ways I’m a loyal fan of Tangerine Dream, but I don’t have a romantic devotion to the band, that some people have. At the point, when I have invested money in a product, I don’t like, or I feel is either sloppy or doesn’t live up to its potential, then I’m not pretending to like it. When I have paid for something, I’m a customer, with all the rights that implies. I don’t mind sharing my experiences with other people who do their business the same place.

To be honest, I don’t think Eastgate is a very professional business, when I think about certain things: A wrong tracklist on the re-issue of The Seven Letters from Tibet, the not “previously unreleased” track on Music for Sports - Cool Races, an Online Club that hasn’t been updated for nearly three months. I could easily come up with more, but those three examples are where I have bought stuff, where (I feel) I didn’t get what I paid for. False marketing, to be more precise.

The same applies to pre-orders. When I pay for items to be shipped on a certain date, then it’s the agreement between buyer and seller. I pay the money, and they deliver. When the case is an order gets delayed, then the deal has been broken.

I can’t remember even once that Eastgate could live up to their shipping date promises. That got a bit tiresome in the end, and this time I had enough. Especially since the blame again was put on failing pressing plants and that Eastgate didn’t take the full responsibility for having sold a product too early.

So what exactly is the problem? The problem is the money. Money, that I’m not any longer in control of. If a delivery is delayed 14 days or more, then I could probably be more interested in incorporating the order into next month’s budget. Money doesn’t hang on the trees, after all.

When I experienced that DM V and the two versions of IZU had another delay, I would rather cancel the order and buy them at the merchandise stall at the Royal Albert Hall instead. I emailed Eastgate, told them about my frustration regarding having a lot of money at stake. They agreed to pay back the amount, if they hadn’t already sent the items. They would check the following Monday, I was promised.

Then I got emailed, being told a packet would be sent on that Monday. Not what I had been promised, and not what I wanted, but at that point I just gave up. It had become a parody. I would rather have waited until next month, and buy them at Royal Albert Hall.

In the meantime Eastgate announced they had stopped pre-orders. A wise idea, in my opinion. This led to that other fans on TD FORUM portrayed me as an impatient and immature heretic towards the TD organisation, and that I was the single person reasonable for Eastgate’s decision. I don’t think one person could have been responsible for that kind of decision, but I couldn’t care less about people’s opinions.

I have the items in my possession now, and I appreciate them very much. But I could have been without this pre-ordering circus. At least I’m the experience richer.