Dead Solid Perfect, 1991. 5/10

reviews - 90'sOprettet af Jacob Pertou tir, september 02, 2008 18:04
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This album puzzles me. It’s a little like pulling up a beautiful flower by the roots, before the crown leaves have been unfolded.
Maybe I should just be grateful, as TD wasn’t the first band, director Bobby Roth had in his minds, when he decided on doing a film on a golfer. Blues and country bands were apparently not good enough, so he decided to use an earlier success, called Tangerine Dream aka Edgar Froese and Paul Haslinger.
Unfortunately, 22 tracks within 36 minutes almost say it all. TD’s integrity of artistical liberty has been lost. If the tracks were allowed to develop, we might have seen an album, which was more than Blue Dawn (2006) worthy.
Ralph Wadephul, who made TD a trio, during their tour of USA, most likely, made his compositorical stamp on a lot of the tracks, where the leading theme is extremely touching, with its extremely moving, fake oboe melody.
Some cross-fading between the tracks, as well as countless repetitions, creates a false state of continuity, and one is left with a feeling of being cheated for something, that could’ve been so good.

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