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ÅRSLISTEROprettet af Jacob Pertou fre, januar 02, 2015 16:25
01. Tangerine Dream: Sorcerer 2014 (2-CD)
02. Picture Palace Music: ReVision (CD)
03. Jerome Froese: Orange Sized Dreams (CD)
04. Tangerine Dream: GTA5 - The Cinematographic Score (CD)
05. Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard: Big In Europe Vol. 2 (2-CD+2-DVD)
06. Jerome Froese: #! (SHEBANG) (CD)
07. Tangerine Dream: Mala Kunia (CD)
08. Tangerine Dream: The Phaedra Farewell Tour (3-CD)
09. Tangerine Dream: Chandra - The Phantom Ferry - Part II (CD)
10. Tangerine Dream: Josephine The Mouse Singer (CD)

01. ARC: Umbra (CD)
02. Bernd Kistenmacher: Paradise (CD)
03. Node: Node 2 (CD)
04. The Mountains: The Mountains · The Valleys · The Lakes (CD)
05. Arcane: Revenants (bandcamp)
06. Nattefrost: Homeland (LP og CD)
07. Aphex Twin: Syro (CD)
08. Schiller: Symphonia (2-LP, CD og 2-CD+DVD+BD)
09. Tidal Force: Event Horizon (bandcamp)
10. Tycho: Awake (CD)
11. Perge: Green Dessert (CDR)
12. Röyksopp & Robyn: Do It Again (CD)
13. Perge: Mythos Part One (CDR)
14. Nattefrost: Different Stages (LP og CD)
15. Pharamond: Orbis Tertius (CDR)

01. Swans: To Be Kind (2-CD)
02. Kasabian: 48:13 (CD)
03. Opeth: Pale Communion (CD+BD)
04. Mastodon: Once More 'Round The Sun (CD)
05. Sunn O))) & Ulver: Terrestials (CD)
06. Sanctuary: The Year The Sun Died (CD)
07. Pink Floyd: The Endless River (CD)
08. Nelson Can: Now Is Your Time To Deliver (CD)
09. Pretty Maids: Louder Than Ever (CD+DVD)
10. Mute Swimmer: Second (CD)
11. Morrissey: World Peace Is None Of Your Business (2-CD)
12. Mike Oldfield: Man On The Rocks (2-CD)
13. Scott Walker & Sunn O))): Soused (CD)
14. U2: Songs Of Innocence (2-CD)
15. AC/DC: Rock Or Bust (CD)

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