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Tangerine Dream is known to have released absolutely stunning live albums, but some of them are best left forgotten. The worst example is the catastrophe we know as "Soundmill Navigator" from 2000. It's an overdubbed recording of Tangerine Dream's performance at Berlin's Philharmonie on the 27th June 1976. It comes with a new intro and outro, plus heavy overdubbing throughout.

The overdubbing is something TD fans has gotten more or less accustomed to, but in this case it seems Edgar Froese has done it to cover, what I suspect to be, a damaged mastertape. Loud, sweeping noises switch from speaker to speaker during the original recording, and the listening experience becomes quite unpleasant, especially on headphones.

The official alternative has since been the performance from a different source, as heard on the Bootleg Box Set Volume 1, without any overdubs, and a significantly shorter running time. That's a great recording, but one could be curious how Edgar Froese's 'tangentized' recording of the gig would have sounded without the glitches. The result can be heard with phenomenal success on the remastered bootleg "Planetary Navigator" which has decreased the characteristic noise to near zero.

A highly recommended substitute for "Soundmill Navigator".

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