Booster III, The Epsilon Journey & Rocking Out The Bats

reviews - 00'sOprettet af Jacob Pertou lør, december 19, 2009 14:50

Third time lucky? I don’t think so. Tangerine Dream compilations is a bit of a jungle, since there are so many of them. The Booster series are worthwhile because they add new material and catch up on non-album tracks.
The third of them is probably my least favourite, because it’s so mellow. There are good tracks which more than justifies this release, like Mombasa, Astrophel And Stella (String Version), and in particular The Halloween Cast. On the other hand, I could do without Sound Of A Shell, and the overdubbed Remote Viewing. It has the three best tracks from Chandra - The Phantom Ferry Part 1, which probably makes me play that album even less.

Booster Vol. II is still the best of the lot, but Booster III is a good retrospective of 2008 and 2009.

This one is a curious one. It was released by popular demand by the fans on the TD FORUM, and already saw a release for the Christmas trade. That alone is very impressive, but more surprising was it that the sound has been completely remixed.
Originally an artsy-fartsy DVD of a live performance from Eindhoven in 2008, it included a lot of well-earned ovations.
That is all gone now. It's a bit weird, to be honest, but it emphasises the music as a unified whole, and what’ve got is like a completely new album. The loud lead guitar in One Night In Space has been streamlined to ‘gel’ more with the electronic setup, and the saxophone is not as dominant, either.
The keyword is ‘Journey’, and with this newly released CD, it’s probably easier to enjoy the fantastic portfolio of Edgar Froese compositions. A highly recommended release!

There’s something about Tangerine Dream DVD's that either distracts me from watching them – or even makes me fall asleep. Some of them have been poorly edited, especially in the sound mix where drums often have been completely lost. Other times computer graphics or slow motion sequences have been added, like they almost were there to hide some embarrassing details for the viewer.
And let's face it. Tangerine Dream use a lot of pre-programmed stuff, so to watch the keyboarders in action often gives the impression that they are only playing 10% of what we hear. That reduces the enjoyment of watching a show significantly.

When I play a Tangerine Dream DVD, I rarely sit and down and watch it. I usually do something else in the meantime, and occasionally look at the screen, if I hear a nice solo piece.
The dynamic sound from a DVD – or the fact that I maybe attended the concert – is why I keep buying these releases.

As usual I skipped to the bonus material at first. There are three little films that has a very intelligent twist. In of them, it seems like Linda Spa is impersonating Edgar Froese being interviewed, which is hilarious.

I did spot myself, my aunt and uncle several times on Rocking Out The Bats and found myself enjoying how convincingly the DVD was edited this time, and in particular, that they cranked up the twang guitar of Ayumi’s Loom, which was much too quiet in the download version.

Rocking Out The Bats brings back memories from a very special Tangerine Dream concert. I can recommend it to all who attended the show and to other fans, because the set list is very good, and the editing is much, much better than the previous and poorly edited London Eye Concert.

A signed mini ZOOM-O-GRAPHIC accompanied my order from Eastgate. Very nice!