Steven Wilson on Zeit.

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When I was absorbing the drone as a teenager, it was from things like Tangerine Dream and Popol Vuh and Krautrock stuff, and then later on, discovering industrial music and power electronics, bands like Throbbing Gristle and the use of pure noise. Well, more pure texture. For me, when you say drone, I think of something that has a note to it, but drone can also be pure texture, white noise. I use a lot of that too. From a very early age, I’ve liked the idea of music being reduced to pure texture. I still say Tangerine Dream’s Zeit is my favourite album of all time. To this day, I listen to that record at least once a month. It has no melody, no rhythm, it has very little in the way of harmony. It’s pure texture and sound and it takes me to a place that no other music takes me.


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Anthony Gonzalez from M83 digs Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.

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MIXMAG, NOVEMBER 2011, page 99.

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Truth Is Spoken.

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Dyad - the debut album from Perge.

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In 1980 Johannes Schmoelling joined Tangerine Dream. Together with Chris Franke and Edgar Froese, he formed a partnership, which would become one of the most admired in Tangerine Dream's long history. Building on TD's more improvisational roots, the music would take a more thematic and composed direction, building epic and infectious melody on driving electronic rhythms, forming a "sound" which would become popularly known as "Electronic Rock". Though studio albums such as 'Tangram', 'Exit', 'White Eagle' and 'Hyperborea" are rightly regarded as some of TD’s finest works, it was on the live stage that this unique trio's sound could most vividly be heard as they embarked on over 100 memorable concerts in a short few years at the beginning of the 80's, spawning albums such as 'Pergamon/Quichotte', 'Logos' and 'Poland'. 30 years later and their legacy remains unsurpassed, their unique Electronic Rock sound un-matched. Inspired by this brief but prolific period, Perge present their debut album ‘Dyad’.
Inspired by, and with great respect for, Johannes Schmoelling, Chris Franke and Edgar Froese. Also known as Tangerine Dream.

Release Date : 1st August 2012
Availability : Download and pro-CDR, distribution via CDBaby

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Tangerine Dream - a fuller list.

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Melody Maker, 1981.

Once again, thanks to Scorpion!

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