The Dream Mixes - Incidental music from the X files

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MOJO Magazine, circa 1995.

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Rated C: Turn Of The Tides

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This Dream--27 years old and counting--is either a model of soft-core experimentalism or an institution built on vapors. Whatever the case, soundtrack work and the New Age market have been good to the band founded by German musician Edward Froese, and which now includes his son Jerome. Turn of the Tides is more of the same: simplistic, synth-driven soundscapes flecked with rock guitar riffs and electro-drum beats. The results mostly suggest the scores to unmade New Age horror films. C

Josef Woodard.

Entertainment Weekly, 13th May 1994.

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The Dream Mixes - Music for for living room chilling and dancefloor twitching

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Ambient-dub music aficionados are advised to seek out "The Dream Mixes" (Miramar), the latest full-length recording by venerable progressive instrumental outfit Tangerine Dream. Rightly regarded as being among the architects of the musical movement that has given club-land acts like Orbital and the Orb, the act balances its scholarly approach to melody and performance with vibrant and insinuating rhythms that make this an album equally suitable for living room chilling and dancefloor twitching.
"San Rocco" leads off "The Dream Mixes" with a delicate piano roll, spacious keyboard lines, and motor-like drum patterns. Conducive to pure bliss

Dance TRAX by Larry Flick
Billboard, 2nd December 1995, page 31

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Oasis & Luminous Visions

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50 minutes, $19.98

Reflections of sunlight on water, shadow designs on cave walls, and clouds rolling across the sky are just a few of the natural wonders that are part of time-lapse camera work in this latest scenic blitz from Miramar. The ever-ethereal Tangerine Dream provides a fitting musical backdrop to the numerous majestic land- and skyscapes. While it is beautiful and creatively filmed, this program doesn't break any new ground in the video wallpaper category. Nevertheless, it does serve as a nice catalyst for those who want to unwind in front of the TV set.

Sony Music Video
45 minutes, $19.98

The category of computer animation videos may be crowded, but this latest creation from the minds behind the "Mind's Eye" series is a standout. A liquid sensation and exceptionally bold colors punctuate animator Yoichiro Kawaguchi's 11 transfixing segments, which are choreographed around a cascading score by Tangerine Dream. Viewers are immersed in a series of cyber worlds, many of them apparently located underwater and all sporting loads of thre-dimensional images. For those who are as captivated by the audio as they are by the visuals, Sony Music Video is also offering a dual-pack, which contains a complementary soundtrack.

Billboard, 7th March 1998, page 62.

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Tyranny of Beauty

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Tyranny of Beauty

PRODUCER: Edgar Froese
Miramar 23046

While techno/ambient artists like Global Communication pillage the synthesizer vocabulary of Tangerine Dream, the German space-music veterans sounds blithely unaware of the contemporary music developments they've influence. Instead, "Tyranny Of Beauty" continues the electro-symphonic rock the group has plied in the '90s. Histrionic guitar solos, cheesy saxophone, and overbearing crescendos dominate the album. The acoustic guitar on the kinetic opener, "Catwalk" is a pleasant respite, briefly alleviating the relentless sonic assault. Revisiting an old tune, "Stratosfear 1995" is only a reminder of the promise Tangerine Dream held in 1976.

Verna, Paul. "Album reviews : Tyranny Of Beauty by Tangerine Dream."
Billboard Apr. 8, 1995, P. 96.

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