Cruise To Destiny (2013)

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This winter Edgar Froese broke his arm and fractured his jaw, and at the same time Linda got very ill, according to the statements from Eastgate.

As a matter of fact, the logistically advanced prog cruise, Cruise To Edge, had to do without one of the main attractions, and a considerable amount of ticketholders, had to submit to great dissapointment.

As a kind of compensation, Cruise To Destiny was released a month later, and boasted of being a recording from the rehearsal sessions, where sixty percent of the final repertoire was committed to tape.

One could have hoped for a kind of ”live in the studio” release. Instead we get – after preference – half a Booster or a double ”cupdisc”.

It is unbelivably hard to spot anything live at all. Many of the cuts (including guitar solos) sound completely copy-pasted from their respective releases, and the (re-)recordings were probably those intended for the cupdisc to be sold on the ferry.

It's not that you can't enjoy the music, as it appears. Good gracious, ”Betrayal” shines by the use of themes from the second side of the Stratosfear LP, and my door is always open for ”Too Hot For My Chinchilla”.

What annoys me though, is that Cruise To Destiny, in reality, is a yet another mediocre compilation, that we have come to know so thoroughly. When the pictures in the booklet actually testifies that the band had lined up the heavy live artillery, it is a shame that the bridges between tracks, as well as the more live sounding instruments have vapourized. Starmus – Sonic Universe, released the same day, is fortunately of a completely different calibre.

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The Virgin Years Q review.

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Q Magazine, May 2012.

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Life's a glitch.

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Received the compilation above, today.

Let's take the positive things first: Impressive booklet, simple cover design with loads of historic images. Bought it for "Vanishing Blue" and the Warsaw In The Sun 12" single, which are nice to have on CD.

The 19 minute excerpt "Live Miles (Albuquerque Concert)" is strangely edited. It starts too abruptly. The whole thing should have been included, and a track from Underwater Sunlight or Tyger could have been excluded.

The Blue Years were actually from 1984-1988, so a few Virgin Years tracks have sneaked in. Despite that historic error, I have no problems about the tracks "Quichotte Part II" or the Sohoman version of "White Eagle".

However, "Bondi Parade" suffers from glitches at 11:17, which once again must be due to a faulty master disc. Why even use cd's as masters in 2011, when you can just use a wav file? I thought about contacting Esoteric for a replacement disc, but don't want the hassle and potential extra costs. After all, it is just another compilation. And TD have released tons of them already. Instead I might press skip when "Bondi Parade" comes on. Or pretend like it is not there.

Sound quality is not an improvement. Too loud, almost undetailed at times, and nothing to write home about.

One thing is sure, I will be more careful before I invest in the Poland and Zeit reissues. As for Sunrise In The Third System, who would need the millionth compilation from the Pink Years (1970-73) anyway?

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The new TD album is highly recommended.

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Yes, the headline says it all, but allow me to say some more. As you might know, I think 2009 and 2010 were very meagre years for TD. Personally, I could only really get excited by the last two parts of The Five Atomic Seasons, Winter In Hiroshima and The Endless Season from those years.

Too much re-recording, compilations, dubious live recordings on cd and dvd, remixes - you name it, seemed to overshadow TD those years. When the concepts are strong enough, there usually come something extraordinary out of it. 

Edgar Allan Poe's The Island of the Fay - A Nonverbial Musical Translation is the sound of TD being INSPIRED, working together as a team, just like the excellent Jean d'Arc and Madcap's Flaming Duty. Two of my favourite albums from Tangerine Dream.

There are hardly any dull moments on this album. Sequencer fanatics will particularly like the first two tracks. Buy it on cd or download now, and don't forget to grab Booster IV as well. That one includes the magnificent, and long out of print, Purple Diluvial.

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