Photos from TD's concert in Amsterdam 1976.

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Photos: Rob Chevallier.
Thank you very, very much!

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Salisbury 1974.

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Sources: Photograph / poster.

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220 Volt AFRTS promo.

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220 Volt
edited to suitable bits for the radio listening American soldiers. Note the vocal version of "Dreamtime". This is as far as I know the only time music from that album appears on vinyl.
The timings in brackets probably refer to the suggested time, the DJ had to introduce the music in. (:00 because it's instrumental).

A digest of Andreas Vollenweider's Eolian Minstrel is on the flipside.

As seen on eil.com.

AFRTS is the American Forces Radio and Television Service. 19 years earlier a similar promo of Phaedra was issued.

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One of a kind, handpainted Steve Jolliffe covers.

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KLASSIC KRAUTROCK compiled by Serge Pizzorno, Kasabian's man with the Can.

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Q Magazine, FEBRUARY 2013.

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