Poland, 1984. 10/10

reviews - 80'sOprettet af Jacob Pertou tir, september 02, 2008 21:34
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Winds are blowing from the cold east. The temperature feels like 15 degrees Celsius below zero outside, and inside there's no heat coming from my radiators.

I did a phone call to my landlord, who arrogantly said he couldn't fix it before tomorrow.

My living room temperature is near the freezing point. I fear some 1's and 0's from my cds might disappear, I'm getting really frustrated, but instead I'm turning it in to something positive.

I try to recreate the Warsaw Ice Stadium concert. I tug myself into wollen sweaters, outdoor jacket, and blankets. I have lit candles and turned up the oven in the kitchen, but here in the living room it's really freezing.
I drink tea and a beer to keep warmer.

The amazing cold music from the very atmospheric Poland, gives more meaning when it interferes with your almost visible breathing.

From the very opening chord, over Jarre-esque melodies, and concluding with the heartbeat enhancing climax of Horizon, it's a very cool experience, where I get inner images of the perseverant Polish fans from the eighties, defying snow and wind to witness TD struggle with power outings and freezing fingers, which was occasionally dipped into buckets of warm water.

Before I do the same, and finish washing the dishes (to recreate it more precisely) in cold water, I might add some more about the music.

A thick layer of snow on the roof of the Ice Stadium was making people fear that the construction could collapse. Nevertheless, TD turned this into an overlooked classic of electronic music, risking health or life in the favour of art.
The album is beautifully mixed, from segments around the concert. If it’s not a tone poem of the beauty in falling snow, well, then it’s as evil as a blizzard, with machineguns shot at rapid fire into a polar wind.
Poland should be in every home. Turn off the heat one evening, because it gives it a whole new meaning.

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