Terrible documentary.

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I do not know what the premises of this ”documentary” were, as I do not understand any French apart from ”je conduis tres bien” and ”deux baguettes”. But what I saw was absolutely horrendous. A bunch of random geriatrics randomly exchanging blah-blah, for nearly an hour. It was more a rapidly compiled low-budget retrospective on the scene of French subculture, than anything interesting for TD or Nico fans. On four essential accounts it fails miserably:

1) The lack of concert video footage! How can you make a TV documentary then? That's why God made the radio. Three quarters into the feature, five or six semi-bald men watch a Nico performance on a big screen in the Reims Cathedral. For what reason? The producers mix Tangerine Dream's performance with that televised show they did in Paris the year before. Why not make a documentary on that instead. It had Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and Guru Guru on the bill! Much more interesting. We don't need another Ricochet disguised as TD at Coventry Cathedral.

2) No interviews from the musicians involved! Okay, Nico did a solo set, and does not walk among us anymore. Peter Baumann is not in music anymore. Chris Franke is busy in Hollywood. But Edgar Froese isn't afraid on reflecting on the past. He is sorely missed.

3) Uninteresting people. I mean, why is the current mayor of Reims so largely involved? I know no one of the people. A spectator from the show. Wow. There were nearly 5000 of them, so who cares?

4) Poor editing, and no suspense, whatsoever. A lot of anachronistic memorabilia is included. The ending says it all. What a load of trash.

This is the worst thing related to Tangerine Dream since the book on Klaus Schulze from 2008. Avoid it, and listen to Nico's performance from the night on Spotify, as well as TD's legendary show on Tangerine Tree Volume 30: Reims 1974.

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