William Friedkin introducerer Tangerine Dream.

LIVE I KØBENHAVNOprettet af Jacob Pertou søn, april 20, 2014 11:25

Thank you for being here, this evening. I thought I'd sing about eight songs, before they come up. This is a very special occasion for me, because I have never heard this soundtrack played live by The Tangerine Dream, or anyone else, live. I would imagine, this is the very first time.

Forty years ago, I had come to Europe to do promotion for The Excorcist. I came to all the countries in Europe. I was in Copenhagen, and I wound up in Germany, and I met some young people, in Germany, while I was doing press interviews, and they told me, there was a tremendous new band, with a new sound, and that they were playing somewhere in an abandoned church, in The Black Forest of Germany.* Now that intruiged me, it would intrigue you, wouldn't it? You would be interested if someone said, there's a group playing music in an abandoned church in the middle of a forest. So it's a long drive out there, I had no idea what to expect, and when I got into the church, there was no lights. There were no lights at all. And then suddenly, there were little, very small, red lights, and green lights, that were these electronical instruments, and that was the only light, through this entire concert, by The Tangerine Dream. I never saw them. No one in the place could see them. You could only hear these otherworldly sounds. I had never heard anything like what they'd played that night. I had heard other electronic music, but it was usually very pop music, wonderful, like Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder.

What they played, I think, one long track for hours. I don't remember they ever stopping. This music just went on, and on in darkness. Amazing sounds, as I've never heard. I sent a word to the band, that I wanted them to do the score, for my next film.

I didn't know what my next film was gonna be, I had no idea what I was gonna do. About two years later, I had a script, and I met with Edgar Froese, who formed this band and was, and is, still its leader. I spoke to him, and I told him, what the film is about, and I gave him a script, and I asked him to write music, without seeing the film, because I hadn't shot the film yet. He wrote his impressions of what I told him, and what he could read with this script. It might have been eight months, or more, later, I was in the middle of the jungles of Mexico, and these tapes came in. It took me a long time, to even be able to listen to them. They were reel-to-reel tapes, and we didn't have that equipment, while we were in the jungle. Finally we did, and I listened to this music, and it totally inspired the film. I actually ended the movie to this music. I didn't want the music to imitate the film, I wanted the film to be inspired by the music. That's what happened. The film, Sorcerer, was totally inspired by the kind of sounds, the tempi, the rhythms, and the hypnotic nature of The Tangerine Dream. It was only long afterward, that Edgar and the two other guys, who were a part of the band, saw how I had used there music.

I understand that tonight, they are gonna play, also some of the music, that I didn't use, but no one in this beautiful theatre could possibly be as excited as I am, to hear the group play this live. You have no idea, how much comfort it gives to an old man's heart, to listen to a music track, that was recorded about forty years ago, for a picture, that had absolutely died. Now the film is coming back, but to me, just as important, is the fact that this music, will be heard again. It will be heard here tonight, for the first time live, by the new Tangerine Dream. Now, the band is completely different, except for Edgar, so this is not your grandfather's Tangerine Dream. This is Edgar Froese, and the all new Tangerine Dream, playing the soundtrack from Sorcerer! Thank you!

* Edgar Froese sagde i et Elektro Beats-interview for nyligt, at det var i Münchens Sankt-Benno-Kirche i 1976. Det er et kendt faktum at TD gav koncert i denne kirke, 25. april 1975.

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