Happy birthday, Klaus Schulze!

newsOprettet af Jacob Pertou søn, august 04, 2013 01:19
Today it is Klaus Schulze's 66th birthday. A day worth celebrating. For a start, I will spend the day watching the gory masterpiece Angst, and then listen to the early pre-sequencer stuff, as heard on the two first instances of La Vie Electronique. (They are soothing for the soul). How will you spend the day musically? Leave a comment.

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Fill in only if you are not real

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Oprettet af Jacob Pertou tor, august 08, 2013 20:47

Great choices Stein. Actually, I have TD phases and I have KS phases, and I play mostly TD at the moment. I'm looking forward to learn about the new compilations, and if they include enough material, to be interesting enough. However, the official website seem to be infected with viruses.

Oprettet af Stein ons, august 07, 2013 19:37

Sorry to be so late - celebrated the day with

Cyborg - Timewind and Sebastian in Traum...

Oprettet af Jacob Pertou ons, august 07, 2013 18:48

Blackdance, yeah. I ended up playing that instead.

Oprettet af scorpion søn, august 04, 2013 10:56

Probably give my beloved 'Blackdance' a spin.