Perge: Mythos Part One (2014).

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The programme from the latest Tangerine Dream tour claims that all attempts to recreate the TD sound have been in vain, and without any success whatsoever. Whoever wrote that has turned his or her deaf ear to the duo Perge. With a discography of now five albums, they've received a lot of praise and recognition for their works. Testimonials like: ”If you like TD's eighties era with Schmoelling, Froese and Franke, you will love Perge” seem appropriate, when a recommendation is passed on.

The cover artwork for for Mythos Part One is a stark reference to the iconic Poland album from 1984. Musically, the allusion re-appars in ”Poloart”, the first composition on the album, spanning an impressive twenty-six minutes. Another live album, Logos, is reflected in the thirty-six minute long epos ”Mythos Rouge”.

The common thing for the two mastodons are the reflections of themes and structures from the respective sources, but not in the logical order. ”Poloart” spreads across the four sides of Poland, while ”Mythos Rouge” relates to the audience recordings from 1982, and not the just the Logos LP.

It works the best, when the music flies off on a tangent (sorry for the pun), and it almost sounds improvised. Unfortunately ”Mythos Rouge” sometimes sounds a bit stiff around the edges, when familiar riffs and themes are coming into a new context. Perhaps 36 minutes is a bit too much? It takes half an hour for the highligt to surface; the flickering sequencer pattern with sparse bass drum, majestic synthpads and a longing melody line. This final section tones out quite sudden, probably because idees are kept for Mythos Part Two.

”Poloart” is more flexible and listenable than the ”title track”, as its progression is completely unburdened. The enterprise is in particular carried by the fantastic Schmoelling-like solos, that without us noticing it, takes us from one section to the next.

Attalus from 2013 offered that year's ultimate best composition within electronic music, ”Tempestas Fronte” to be precise. Unfortunately that level is not reached this time, but it is worth your time.

Tangerine Dream are very productive today, and gets the fullest out the sound they have created since they presented The Five Atomic Seasons-series in 2007. The mid-seventies have been re-interpreted by new generations of Berlin School acts a million times. So it is good we have Perge to recreate a sound that was never fully explored untill now. I, for one, look forward to Mythos Part Two.


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